Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ragini Khanna Biography

Ragini khanna is an indian television actress. He was born on december 9, 1988 in india. She has played in many series as bhaskar and radhaa ki betiyaan bharti kuch kar dikhayengi. He is currently playing the lead role in the tv sasural genda phool. She recently appeared in the tv show big money imagine tv actresses.She along with 3 other was the captain of his team. They won ten lakh rupees in the program.


  1. i like her she is quite good

  2. i like her. i watch her all the episodes.she is awesome always.

  3. i like her a lot..i watch every episode of hers. she is so awesome n always energetic and so positive..i wish i see her some day..i get so inspired by her..


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